Inflatable Party Rentals in St. Augustine

Make Your Party a Success with Awesome Party Rentals in St. Augustine!

Inflatable party rentals are always a huge hit at any party for any age! You'll have a wacky good time with our party rentals including bouncing, slipping, and sliding around. At Jump For Joy party rentals, we always deliver party rentals clean and on time. We make sure all of our party rentals are in good repair, because safety is our #1 priority, and fun is a close second! No matter what you get, it's sure to be a hit.

Many of our wet party rentals are also available dry, and for a lower price. If you want to know which party rentals, call us and we'll go through you party rental options! For non-inflatable party rentals, head over to our Non-Inflatables page, where you can see our lineup of chairs, tables, tents, concessions, dunk tanks, and more! You won't find cleaner, more fun party rentals at a better price than other party rentals companies in St. Augustine, FL. You can book all our party rentals online.