FAQs About Party Rentals Bounce Houses in St. Augustine

Question: Is delivery and set up included in the Party Rentals price?

Answer: Yes, however extra charges might be applicable for areas further afield than St. Augustine, Florida. Bear in mind that sales tax is not included in the price.

Question: Can you deliver party rentals bounce houses to cities other than St. Augustine, Florida?

Skyscraper Slip-n-Slide party rentals in St. Augustine, Florida

Answer: Yes, however once more please remember that - because of the increasing price of gas, and the potential requirement for additional labor and trucks - travel charges can be fairly high for party rentals setup for areas outside of St. Augustine, Florida. Get in touch with us for a full quotation.

Question: Is your party rentals bounce house set up time in St. Augustine, Florida included in the usual four-hour rental time?

Answer: No. We turn up earlier to set everything up, so you can play for the whole party rental time.

Question: When does your company set up?

Answer: That varies, depending on the amount of party rentals we have on the day. Typically, we arrive one to three hours prior to the start of the rental time. If we have many party rentals on the day in Florida, we might have to set up four hours ahead of time. In this situation, we will contact you the week before to ensure that someone is at the party rentals venue.

Question: We have rented substandard party rentalss from other firms before in St. Augustine, Florida. Are the bounce houses you provide clean?

Answer: Absolutely. No party rentals including bounce houses should be dirty when you receive them. We disinfect and clean each bounce house after every Florida party rentals.

Question: Do we need to keep the bounce house plugged in constantly?

Answer: Yes. A blower fills the bounce house with air the whole time. It will deflate when unplugged. This is why we need a generator or an outlet within fifty foot of the bounce house. Longer cords might blow your circuit breaker. Consequently, we provide our own durable cords.

Question: How about parks in St. Augustine, Florida? Is there electricity in Florida parks?

Answer: We enjoy Florida park bookings, however many parks in St. Augustine, Florida have no electricity outlet. If you wish to make a Florida park booking, a rented generator is necessary. In addition to party rentals we rent generators for a competitive price. Moreover, parks in St. Augustine, Florida are sometimes difficult to book, so reserve your place as early as possible.

Question: What payments can you accept?

Answer: Credit cards or cash. With cash payments, please have precise change because our party rentals drivers don't carry cash for our party rentals

Question: What is your party rentals cancellation policy?

Answer: Please refer to our policies page.

Question: Is a deposit required?

Answer: Yes, every order needs a fifty dollar deposit via credit card. This is totally refundable, in the event of a cancellation eight days or more before your booking date. Cancellations that occur two to seven days before your booking will receive a raincheck, valid for twelve months.

Question: What size are the jumps?

Answer: The majority of our bounce houses (each of the character jumps we offer, for instance) are fifteen by fifteen foot, which is slightly larger than numerous Florida firms provide. Take note of the space needed for every bounce house (mentioned by the big picture), because some are extremely large and need additional space. If you are unsure, measure how much space you have to check that everything is OK. Bounce houses require space for set up and for the blower. They can not press against trees or walls, because this might harm them. Each party rentals bounce house size quoted includes the space required for stakes etc. Contact us to discuss party rentals set up options, if you have a tiered backyard or stairs.

Question: How about the large bounce houses? Any special party rentals needs?

Answer: Note the quoted requirements with each bounce house. Furthermore, ensure that you have a minimum of four foot access to the place where set up will occur. Some bounce houses weigh as much as 650 pounds, therefore we require sufficient space and a clear pathway.

Question: What surfaces are suitable for set up?

Answer: Grass (which is best for children and our favorite), concrete, asphalt and dirt. Unfortunately, we can not set up on rocks of any kind, because the consistent rubbing damages the vinyl jumps. With party rentals, safety is BIG.

Question: Can we view your bounce house safety rules and contract?

Answer: Absolutely. On your receipt, a link is provided after you have ordered. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us.